Collaborations of NanoSphere members

  • Assoc. Prof. A. Baun (Danish Techn. Univ, Copenhagen, Danmark: risk governance, ecotoxicology, uptake studies);
  • Prof A. Boxall (Univ of York, UK, fate and risk assessment);
  • Ass. Prof. F.v.d. Kammer (Univ. Of Vienna, Austria, fate assessment);
  • Dr. J. Kukkonen (Univ. of Joensuu, Finland, uptake studies, fate assessment);
  • Dr. D. Oughton (Norwegian University of Life Sciences, Norway, uptake studies, effect assessment);
  • Dr. J. Scott-Fordsmand (National Env. Research Inst., Denmark, uptake studies, effect assessment);
  • Prof. V. Stone (Napier University, Edinburgh, in vitro toxicology);
  • Dr. C. Svendsen (National Env. Research Council, UK, terrestrial ecotoxicology, fate studies);
  • Dr. K. Thomas (Norwegian Inst. for water research, toxicology, ecotoxicology);
  • Prof Mike Hochella, Virginia Tech and Center for Environmental Implications of Nanotechnology, fate assessment;
  • Prof Ragnar Löfstedt, Centre for Risk Management, King's College London, UK, risk communication and management, public perception and trust;
  • Assoc Prof. K.v. Gestel (Free Univ. Amsterdam, The Netherlands, Terrestrial Ecotoxicology);
  • Prof. J. Filser (Bremen University, Germany, Terrestrial Ecotoxicology);
  • Prof. J. Sumpter (Brunel University, UK, Fish Toxicology);
  • Prof. A. Kortenkamp (London School of Pharmacy, UK, Cell-based toxicology);
  • Assoc. Prof R. Altenburger (Centre for Environmental Research, Germany, Aquatic Toxicology);
  • Prof. P. Gramatica (Varese University, Italy, (Q)SAR);
  • Prof. M. Vighi (University of Milano/Bicocca, Italy (Q)SAR, Risk Assessment);
  • Assoc Prof. P. Anderson (Umea University, Sweden, (Q)SAR);
  • Profs M. Munch Andersen (DTU, DK), C. Palmberg (ETLAtieto, FI), A. Rip (Twente, NL), R. Kemp (Maastricht, NL), M. Hekkert (Utrecht, NL), F. Geels (SPRU, UK) and B. Truffer (Eawag, CH), innovation and technology governance;
  • Prof. Ronald E Unger (Institute of Pathology, Universitätsmedizin der Johannes Gutenberg, Mainz University, in vitro toxicity assessment);
  • Professor R. Sinclair (Head Materials Science and Engineering, Stanford University, and director of Stanford Nanocharacterization Laboratory), physicochemical characterization;
  • Dr Denis A. Sargiannis, (Systems Toxicology, European Commission - Joint Research Centre, Institute for Health and Consumer Protection, Ispra, Italy, toxicology and risk assessment);
  • Prof. C. Grandfils (Univ. De Liège, Belgium, polyelectrolyte NP synthesis).


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