Conflicting Messages About the Risks of Antibacterial Silver

News: Jan 29, 2014

Silver is increasingly being used as a germicide in clothing and hygiene products, but there is disagreement about its effects on people and the environment. With the help of environmental assessment methods the debate could be clearer, says NanoSphere researchers Rickard Arvidsson and Max Boholm.

Rickard Arvidsson and Max Boholm show in an article in the Journal of Cleaner Production that the Swedish debate is characterized by a wide range of conflicting arguments. According to the opponents silver makes products harmful to health, environment, water and sewer. Proponents places greater emphasis on silver's bacteria-fighting properties and environmental benefits with doing less washing, and in the midst of this hard-interpreted situation are consumers and policymakers.

- The main idea of my research is that we should learn from history and not start using a substance until we know what the consequences are. What is interesting in this case is that the various actors are reasoning from two completely different perspectives , but from exactly the same values; product quality, environment, health and sanitation, says Rickard Arvidsson.


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